792 (I Wanna Go Back) by JG

When I was eight years old I was a millionaire
You may not believe me but it is true
My uncle used to give me 10 dollars every time he came to visit
Soon as president Hamilton touched my handI would crumble it
Stuffed it in the pocket of my husky fit jeans
Because I was chubby little guy
And I would begin sprinting
Down the marble floored hallway that my Grandmother covered with a plastic runner that curled up at the corners
Around the Italian leather furniture covered with the plastic it came in
Through the remodeled kitchen with the high tech microwave
Commercial stove and subzero refrigerator
Out the side door
Because at my Grandmothers house you didn’t use the front door
I would run out to my Mercedes Lamborghini
I was so rich that I had the only Mercedes Lamborghini ever
My friends would follow me too
Ant Ant was in his Rolls Royce Porsche
Mario was in his BMW Ferrari
Dante was in his Cadillac Delorean like the one on Back to the Future
We would valet park our exotic no cylinder cars at the world’s only Saks Fifth Avenue candy store
Looking back I have no idea why Saks would put their only candy store on the corner of Lover’s Lane and Merton in Akron, Ohio but they did
We would walk in and the concierge would brief us of all the great new products
I was so rich prices didn’t matter
I rattled off my order like the big spender I was
1 peach jolly rancher stick, 2 packs of Now and Laters, 1 pack of Lemonheads
1 pack of Boston Baked Beans, 1 Star Crunch, 2 red juicy jugs
I would point to the rest of the my country club crew and tell the concierge that I’ll cover whatever they want tooI want to go back
To when 10 dollars was a million bucks
I want to go back to when we couldn’t afford amusement parks so we would jump outta trees
Back to when electric, water, and gas was free
Back to when we blushed every time Dwayne Wayne kissed Whitley
Back to when girls didn’t care if they sweated out their hair
And a game of hide and go seek was like free night at the club because every body was there
I want to go back past spades
I wanna go back to uno
Back when the biggest beef was New Edition or Menudo
Back to Popeye and Bluto,
Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd
Back before blue meant crip and red meant blood
I wanna go back to the Show, a Children’s Story and Teenage Love
I wanna go back to whenever you met a dude name Lionel
You yelled thundercats thundercats thundercats ho
Go back if you tired of paying three dollars for gas
Go back if you tired of people selling pyramid schemes harassing yo ass
Go back if you miss nap time and summer vacation
Go back to when a kiss and holding hands was the same as having relations
Go back to when you thought the swimming pool was the beach
Go back to when your mom would pop you in the mouth for sucking your teeth
I wanna go back to four square
I wanna go back to double dutch
I wanna go all the way back to guess what chicken butt
Go back to when if your clothes didn’t match you didn’t care
Go back I swear things were better there
And if you go back you’ll see that I’m telling the truthI wish I could fail adulthood
And get held back in youth

WOW! That's deep. 3 snaps in Z formation. Youth is wasted on the young.