5 Red Flags that Your Roommate has No Taste

I have the worst luck in roommates ever. I think I am cursed. I am always stuck with someone who either has the personality of a junior highschooler or the party aptitude of the frat boy. Learn from my mistakes and watch out for these warning signs.

1. They hang towels or tapestries on the wall (same as sheets for curtains)

2. Their significant other has no life, no job, no other friends

3. They think neon beer lamps are cool

4. Ditto on lazy susan liquor dispensors

5. They think art is hanging head shots of famous on the living room wall.

Happy House Hunting and Happy Halloween.


How on earth did I miss the whole month of September? Here's a recap. I went to Chicago for 2 weeks where upon I "kidnapped" my nephew and whisked him away from the suburbs to downtown Chicago for an urban education. Look Jaylen, here is the apple store, isn't this a wonderful and enchanting place? Doooo they have one of these in Oakpark, you don't say. Here are the lake streets, Ontario, Huron, Erie ... here are the tree streets Chestnut ... You get the picture. Shout out to the guy from the West burbs looking for the Metra on Michigan. I just remembered Randolph is a president street and I should have sent you back a mile in the other direction. My bad. Hope you're not still wandering down Lake Shore. I also went to a wedding in Atlanta where my godsister Arisha flashed my sister with polka dot underwear during the garter toss. Well, at least she had on underwear. And how was your month?