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Check out my new blogs TVlicious and Moobie Snob, about TV and movies respectively.  I talk about new shows that haven't come out yet, shows that are out that you might not have gotten a chance to see and I give out shout outs to old shows that you have forgotten about that are now available only to watch for FREE!!!  Free is a good word.  On Moobie Snob, I will be reviewing high brow, low brow, medium brow, guilty pleasures, pretty much anything I have seen at the show and on rental to spread the word about the good shite out there that you are missing.  So spread the love.  Tell all you friends about it, link it to your page, all that jazz because we're trying to do it BIG!!!

You're not famous! Drop dead!

The rag mags are bad enough with all the famous people non-info.  Angelina takes a dump.  Jennifer Garner ovulates.  Josh Brolin likes it in jail.  Britney Spears is bat shit crazy, blah, blah, blah.  At least those people have talent or at least a job in the entertainment business.  But why am I hearing constant reports on Lauren fricking Conrad, and Heidi the idiot Montag.  That bitch, Lauren, is an asshole.  And why does a 22 year old have rinkles under her eyes. Looking at this old picture, that Heidi really did need a nose job. And why do people like Lauren, she's not a very nice person, but I digress.  I couldn't care less who she was shagging, hating on, befriending, spitting on, etc.  This goes quadruple for anyone who has ever been on any show resembling The Hills, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Survivor, The Apprentice, Big Brother (how is that stupid ass show still on the air) etc.  You people are not famous.  I don't care when you get married and/or have babies and/or go bankrupt and/or go to jail for tax evasion (what an idiot) and/or break up. I don't give a shit.  I don't even know who you are. Crawl back under the rock you came from.  Go back to your job of checking groceries, teaching preschool and picking up trash.  Your 15 minutes of fame never existed.  

Who the fuck are you to retire?

What is up with all of these rappers "retiring"?  What?  You can't retire.  You haven't been in the game long enough to retire.  You haven't put out enough albums to retire.  You're not famous enough, rich enough or moved enough units to retire.  Michael Jackson can retire.  Paul McCartney can retire.  Ozzy Osbourne can retire.  The Stones can retire.  Jay Z can retire.  LL Cool J needs to retire.  The wackness that is The Game and David Banner can't retire.  Those fuckers just quit.  To pursue acting.  ACTING!  Are you fucking shitting me?  You sold out to Hollywood.  I can see The Game because his fake ass is from L.A.  But Mississippi Banner?  What?  Shouldn't your first love be the mic, be mc-ing, be sick ass rhymes, not chasing after some pipe dream that is movie stardom?  We all can't be Will Smith.  They looking at that Will Smith money.  They looking at that Tom Cruise money.  Those two losers aren't pursuing acting for the love of the craft.  Puh-leez.  Sell that swamp land to somebody else.  It's the paper.  I'm just waiting for these two idiots to put out another album so I can say I told you so.  If either one of these Einsteins drops another album before the end of 2010, you owe me $50.  I don't take personal checks.  

Oops, my bad!

Holy Snapping Duck Do! I just twigged that I have not updated this since last month... You would not believe the fairy dust I have to clean up. I hope they bring chocolate!.

I am frantic with sleeping my way to the top, waiting for the onshore winds, just generally being a biatch to every Lost Boy that crosses my path, my day is passing in a blur from the second star on the right, straight on to I run out of alcohol. I am convinced that I absolutely deserve this after all my hard work. deal with it.

I solemnly swear I will update you with my nefarious activities as soon as I get a chance. Seriously! What do you mean you don't believe me?.