Top 16 Types of Family Members to Complete Your Family Tree

16. The Nomad -- graduated from highschool and never came back, has lived in foreign countries and all over the U.S.

15. The Trailblazer -- first do anything, first to leave hometown, first to go to college, first to own a home, first on the moon.

14. The Mooch -- always wanting to "hold" some money.

13. The Braggart -- will hold a press conference to show you their new whatever, always wants to tell you how much things cost

12. The Hater -- doesn't like to see ANYONE do well, won't wish anyone well

11. The Cook -- everyone wants to gather/eat at their house. Good food/good hospitality.

10. The Nerd -- smarter than everyone else, either flaunts it obnoxiously or hides it/is embarrassed by this fact (or by your ineptitude)

9. The Brat -- spoiled & entitled beyond belief, truly to the point of delusions of grandeur about their own self importance.

8. The Town Cryer -- can't hold water. Your secret is everyone's business. General gossipness, nosiness and malaise.

7. The Straight Arrow -- good credit, sound business/life advise. generally accompanied /w a superior attitude & i told you sos

6. The Halfzie -- Take ur pick on the mix,noone is racially pure. Halfzies are either gorgeous or ugly 50/50 split.Identity crisis 2 follow.

5. The Gay -- homosesuAL or lesbo, this person has been outright or suspected of or well hidden gay since birth. Get over it.

4. The Law -- this person gravitates toward rules (if only to break them): i.e. Po-lice, lawyer, FBI, CIA, MP, Firefighter

3. Bat Shit Crazy -- nonfunctional semi-homeless,severe emotional problems, may or may not have been assaulted in youth,general nonsequitors

2. Looney Tunes -- functioning crazy, bipolar/depressed, heavily medicated, overly sensitive, general nuts, but still works/drives

1. The Jailbird -- in/out of jail habitully,may or maynot be violent,genius or stupid, always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time

Real Housewives of Late Night.

Kids Cry Blood, Are Not Superheroes (Yet)

Kids Cry Blood, Are Not Superheroes (Yet)

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