Target Hates the Gays

What's going on with "I hate gays marrying" political donations Target? I love my Target and this action has saddened me. For a retailer to take a political stance is a little inappropriate. I guess you don't have gay employees at Target. I guess your employees don't have gay children, relatives and friends. I guess you don't have gay shoppers or stockholders. I guess none of the beautiful models in those lovely commercials are gay either. Why stop at the gays? What's your stance on inter-racial marrige? Should that still be illegal? Tell me your views on blacks, muslims, and abortion, Target? Was the holocaust real, Target? Should we close the gates to Mexicans, Target? Did the Haitians deserve the earthquake, Target? The poor people of New Orleans, too, Target? Was BP just a small oopsie, Target? Tell me oh wise retailer who am I supporting by shopping in your store? You want to donate to causes with all that plush Target money? Donate to the Red Cross, Target. Support causes for the environment, the homeless, music/art in schools - you know, non-hate causes. Did you not realize that the actions/political views of one or two people of the board probably didn't reflect the majority of the employees??? Should you rebrand your logo as a beautiful red and white swastika? Man, we all knew Wal-Mart was evil, but et tu Brutus? Where the hell am I going to shop now? K-Mart? I hate K-Mart.