Top 16 Types of Family Members to Complete Your Family Tree

16. The Nomad -- graduated from highschool and never came back, has lived in foreign countries and all over the U.S.

15. The Trailblazer -- first do anything, first to leave hometown, first to go to college, first to own a home, first on the moon.

14. The Mooch -- always wanting to "hold" some money.

13. The Braggart -- will hold a press conference to show you their new whatever, always wants to tell you how much things cost

12. The Hater -- doesn't like to see ANYONE do well, won't wish anyone well

11. The Cook -- everyone wants to gather/eat at their house. Good food/good hospitality.

10. The Nerd -- smarter than everyone else, either flaunts it obnoxiously or hides it/is embarrassed by this fact (or by your ineptitude)

9. The Brat -- spoiled & entitled beyond belief, truly to the point of delusions of grandeur about their own self importance.

8. The Town Cryer -- can't hold water. Your secret is everyone's business. General gossipness, nosiness and malaise.

7. The Straight Arrow -- good credit, sound business/life advise. generally accompanied /w a superior attitude & i told you sos

6. The Halfzie -- Take ur pick on the mix,noone is racially pure. Halfzies are either gorgeous or ugly 50/50 split.Identity crisis 2 follow.

5. The Gay -- homosesuAL or lesbo, this person has been outright or suspected of or well hidden gay since birth. Get over it.

4. The Law -- this person gravitates toward rules (if only to break them): i.e. Po-lice, lawyer, FBI, CIA, MP, Firefighter

3. Bat Shit Crazy -- nonfunctional semi-homeless,severe emotional problems, may or may not have been assaulted in youth,general nonsequitors

2. Looney Tunes -- functioning crazy, bipolar/depressed, heavily medicated, overly sensitive, general nuts, but still works/drives

1. The Jailbird -- in/out of jail habitully,may or maynot be violent,genius or stupid, always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time