Who the fuck are you to retire?

What is up with all of these rappers "retiring"?  What?  You can't retire.  You haven't been in the game long enough to retire.  You haven't put out enough albums to retire.  You're not famous enough, rich enough or moved enough units to retire.  Michael Jackson can retire.  Paul McCartney can retire.  Ozzy Osbourne can retire.  The Stones can retire.  Jay Z can retire.  LL Cool J needs to retire.  The wackness that is The Game and David Banner can't retire.  Those fuckers just quit.  To pursue acting.  ACTING!  Are you fucking shitting me?  You sold out to Hollywood.  I can see The Game because his fake ass is from L.A.  But Mississippi Banner?  What?  Shouldn't your first love be the mic, be mc-ing, be sick ass rhymes, not chasing after some pipe dream that is movie stardom?  We all can't be Will Smith.  They looking at that Will Smith money.  They looking at that Tom Cruise money.  Those two losers aren't pursuing acting for the love of the craft.  Puh-leez.  Sell that swamp land to somebody else.  It's the paper.  I'm just waiting for these two idiots to put out another album so I can say I told you so.  If either one of these Einsteins drops another album before the end of 2010, you owe me $50.  I don't take personal checks.