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Now, I tried to hold this in as long as I can, but I just can't.  What is it about a single woman with male friends that puts a girlfriend or a wife on edge.  I don't want your man.  I've known him since we were 13.  That would be like having sex with my cousin.  Gross!  If I had fucked him before, I would see why you would have pause, but I haven't.  So, what's the big deal.  Sure, we connect on a philosophical level that yall don't.  Sure, we don't have the baggage that sex and relationships (and in some cases infidelity and/or veneral diseases) bring to the table.  We don't have the hang ups and the obstacles to overcome.  So stop hating on me. Stop trying to hook me up with your wack ass cousin or some random dude I'm standing next to in the club JUST to make sure I'm not trying to make on you man.  I don't see him like that.  All me and him have is fun, laughs and debate ... oh, I see how you would be jealous of that.  Still not fucking him though, still not.