The Purple One

Okay. So, I should haven't written this like 2 months ago, but whatevs. Yall know I was making my thesis. Anyway, I went to the Prince concert in LA. I hate LA. So, of course the tickets were like $100+ because it's fricking Prince. I'm game. This should weed out the non-believers, right? Nope! This is LA, the land of the rich. A sold out concert where tickets went all the way up to 350-400 bucks was chocked full of posers - folks that didn't know a Prince song from a hole in the wall. I personally think if you only the chorus to Purple Rain, stay your ass at home. But it rocked it out. There was some technical difficulties with the sound at the Nokia Theater (I hear that happens a lot at that venue), and like the true diva he is, he was telling the venue sound personnel how to adjust the sound DURING the concert ... because that's how finely tuned his ear is. I love Prince. He could still get it.