Jesus' Facebook Page

These fake facebook pages have been popping up all over the web and I thought I would post one of the funny ones.

Jesus' Facebook Profile -

Chef Gwyneth Paltrow Roasts Your Chicken

Yes, I do like my A-List celebrities to distribute their own cooking videos. This is not weird at all. Next stop, Celebrity Vet with Brad Pitt and Maddox. Apparently Goop is a website where she shares her recipes and perspective on life. I don't really know what. I haven't explored it yet for reals.

Joe Jackson: Patriarch or Domestic Terrorist

Is this dude for real? First of all its not 1975. I don't know how many times I can be called a jive turkey and not start rolling around on the floor laughing. And who segways into slavery as a reference point for child rearing? What is he talking about? I tell you who needs his own reality show, its not Terrell Owens, or the Gosselin twins or even Paris, Prince & Blanket Jackson: it's Papa Joe. Then we can really see what's what.

Chris Brown Faux-pology

This is Chris Brown's "heartfelt" apology he issued to get his career back on track. There is no doubt in my mind that this jackass is not sorry and would have continued on this behavior if he had not been so publicly caught. Only time will tell if he is truly done laying hands on women. I sincerely hope that I am wrong.

Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial

Infamous commercial where Michael Jackson's hair caught afire. This is horrible.

Happy Birthday

Short Film I did a million years ago.

A man's smart mouth gets him a beat down for his birthday. On the eve of his next birthday, he hilariously tries to avoid conflict to no available. Happy Birthday chump. How about a knuckle sandwich? What's in the box? Directed by Crystal Holt

Starring Steve Best, Caitlin Emmons, Nathan Caan, Kevin Hope & Brad Stevens.

Nyle -- Let the Beat Build

Check this guy Nyle out. @Talib-TIRM hipped me to him. You can follow him on Twitter for all your hip hop needs. This video is awesome and the build is magnificent.

Eminem's Beautiful Video

Ode to Detroit

Michael Jackson's Last Rehearsal Footage

Too soon. Taken too soon!

Drake's Video for Best I Ever Had

Get out your cereal cause here comes the milk.