Playing Hooky

I'm playing hooky today. I can not afford to take to off work, but I don't care. I have an interview today, but I'm not going. Who am I fooling? I don't want to work in sales. Sales is the path to suicide. I'd just make a lot of money and spend a lot of money because I hated my job. That makes no fucking sense. So, today, I'm gonna chill. Sleep a little, maybe go to the post office. A nice brunch, a little afternoon sex, visit some friends at their job, take a nap. Basically just fuck off. Doesn't that sound nice. Just a personal day. A fuck the world I'm not doing shit today. It doesn't count when its a weekend day, or you're sick, or somebody died, or you just broke up with someone or your kid's missing. A fuck you day happens smack in the middle of the week (not a Monday or a Friday) when there's absolutely nothing wrong and you just say, "Fuck it. I'm not going to work." Danny knows what I'm talking about.