Black Chicks that act White

I don't understand this shit at all.  Maybe its the diction, the choice in fashion, the exclusively dating white boys, but something about this rare animal pisses me off.  Well, if you're a gangsta black chick dating white boys that's a different beast all together.  I'm talking about the black chicks who don't act black.  Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.  It's not that their subjects and verbs agree.  It's that they talk in a valley girl voice and they are not in fact from the valley.  They are from Cleveland or Brooklyn or New Orleans and they have adopted the valley girl since moving to L.A.  The other chicks I don't get is the skater black chicks who walk around saying dude and yeah man like they're some 80s throwback in 2008.  They have white people looking at them like they're crazy.  Who do you think you are fooling?  No one.  Talking like a Cameron Crowe reject will not fool white people into thinking you are white.  And why are you wearing them skinny ass jeans below your ass with that rock and roll stud belt on.  No one wants to see half of your ass literally hanging out every time you bend over.  No one.  You can still like rock and roll, skate board, surf, fuck the rainbow coalition, have great grammar, be over educated and still act black.  Look at Condi Rice.  That chick is gangster.  With most white folks trying to act black, you are the only fools trying to go the other way.