Larenz Tate Your Life is Calling

Where the hell is Larenz Tate? Remember back when he had a career as a leading man? Menace II Society where he stole the show from Kain and Jada Pinkett. The Inkwell, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, Dead Presidents and of course Love Jones. Hmmmmm .... sweet, sweet love jones. Yeah, you can can't him on Rescue Me I guess, but that's not classic Tate. I need me some movie Tate. I don't want no TV Tate. I need to see Larenz busting a cap in somebodies ass or sexing up Nia Long way before Taye Diggs was hitting that.

Man, remember when black movies were good and sexy and well put together. Remember when they were intelligent and funny and relevant. Not garbage like Soul Plane and whatever crap the Wayans Bros. and Ice Cube and Tyler Perry are cranking out. When there was actual black cinema by people who went to film school and learned the craft and executed it well. Not folks that fell into making movies by doing plays and rapping and being stand up comedians. I'm not hating -- well not too much anyway -- and I commend Cube, Perry and the Wayans on there success on getting anything black out in this white dominated field and/or country, but step it up. Perry is a playwright and looking at his films you can tell. The dialogue is fine, but the technical aspects of the films have horrendously obvious mistakes. All I'm saying is pick up a book on how to make a movie, because its not the same as directing a play. Not even close. I don't know anyone that would classify the Wayans films as cinema, but they have a certain validity, and they're films gross 100 million. So, keep on keeping on. And Cube, he's actually the closest to having a complete product, but he seems to consistently fall short. All of his scripts have plot holes and implausibilities that I can not ignore. Oh, how I yearn for the 90s when there was a variety and an abundance of black cinema that showed different aspects and walks of life within the black culture and didn't just serve to perpetuate stereotypes and highlight buffoonery. Nowadays, it's slim pickings.

So Larenz get your pals back out and crank some shit out. Matter fact, where is my final draft? Let me get to writing something for you and Taye Diggs. Get yall asses off TV and back on the silver screen where you belong.


so you didn't like First Sunday?!

I'm kidding. Cube needs to be shot for that monstrosity.