T.I. is Coming for you No Matter What!!!!

Get ready cause he's coming. Sept 2, Paper Trail drops and that first single No Matter What is fire. Don't sleep on him. It's not too late to jump on the band wagon. You should have been on by the King album, really by the singles Rubberband Man and Bring Him Out. Hova named two successors. One of them is the crown prince Weezy, T.I. is the other. Gun charges aside. TI is hands down a genius. If he can only keep his nose clean. If he doesn't, that makes good music, too. I'm sure I'm not the only one outside of T.I.'s family that's glad his sentence was reduced to 3 months. I've been looking to see who would challenge Weezy's reign. Should have known it would be Tip. Man I love these boyz.


TI is gonna have to stay outta jail to keep his reign going...unless he wants to be like tupac and create albums behind bars...