Et Tu Brutus?

Kristin Davis. You naughty minx. I reiterate : don't let your boyfriend take pictures or video of you sucking his cock. It's like getting a tattoo of his name on your body. You will break up. And you look like an idiot. After you piss him off and he posts this on the web, you look like a whore. He looks like a stud even though he's usually not even in the photo. You don't even see him. Just his scraggly old cock. All people will remember about the incident is you with a mouth full of cock. Not even Mother Theresa, the Virgin Mary or Princess Diana can come back from that one. Suck cock in private, behind closed doors after you've scanned the room for spy devices, extraneous cell phones and pin holes in the ceiling and or ceiling fan. Stop eating cock and looking knowingly into the camera. At least have someone catch you unawares. Posting this shit without the consent of both naked parties should be illegal and punishable by death. Except for me of course.