Weezy F. Baby

The man is murdering them ... mercilessly. There is no hotter MC than him right now. No one!! Not Hova who hasn't fell off but has already peaked. Not bobble bubbled headed self hyped Kanye. Not Eminem who's on hiatus and still grieving over the death of his best friend, not T.I. who can't keep his nose clean and the Feds out of his face. Not 50 Cent, who can rock a mean hook, but can't write a decent verse to save his fucking life. Not Young Jeezy who consistently delivers hot sultry raspy verses that only black people can understand and white people don't know who the hell he is. And as far as I'm concerned T-Pain or Akon can fall off the face of the earth. The man did 700+ tracks last year alone. He was on everybody's single making that shit hotter.

Wayne is comparing himself to Hova and more importantly Tupac and Notorious B.I.G and rightly so. His rhymes are sick. Anyone after 30 years still thinking this isn't an artform is living under a rock. Wayne has never tried to crank out radio hits. Unlike his peers, he just makes hits. Eminem is a prime example of pandering to the lowest common denominator. Way too talented to be releasing schlock like Will the Real Slim Shady Please stand and much of that garbage on his first album. Nas is a formidable opponent, too, but he's inconsistent. Hova called him out on it, but Nas gave him the smack down with Ether. But ultimately Hova's still right. 80% of Nas' music is bullshitty shit. You ain't gang banging. Nas, you need to stick to uplifting gangster music. That will service you well. Hova held it down for a good 8 years. Not too bad. You still ain't trying to battle him on the mic, but he's like Michael Jordan ... trying to retire but just love the game too much. He'll still be around.

Kanye had it right on that Lollipop remix telling Wayne that he ain't gonna murder him on the track like Wayne murders everyone else, but it goes round and round. Kanye didn't get murdered on the Lollipop remix with Wayne, but he also didn't murder Wayne on his song. Jay Z murdered Kanye on that Diamonds are Forever song of Kanye's. Nas rapped on Ether about how Eminem murdered Jay on one of his songs, which was true. Tupac murdered Biggie on that diss track about Faith Evans. 50 murdered Ja Rule and ended his fucking career. T.I. murdered Erykah Badu's little brother, Lil .... Lil somebody. You don't hear me saying anything about anyone murdered Wayne .... and you won't.

It's Lil Wayne's decade. He's just hungry. Like that Biggie interview or that Jay Z song My First Song. You have to stay hungry. And Wayne is ferocious. This man is poised to have a longer and better career than LL Cool J. I bet you can't find one person who still doesn't know who that is. Weezy's been in the game for 10 years already and he's only 25. And he just keeps getting better exponentially. I don't want to say that since he's stopped exclusively collaborating with Mannie Fresh that he's has grown and become more daring, creative and bolder as an artist, but damn I just did. I'm not only recommending you buy the Carter III, but the Carter II and even I. And if you already stole it when you see Weez in the street, just hand him your 20 directly. He'll know what's for and he won't even be mad.

T.I. get your shit together and fall in. Mount Rapmore is calling you. Tupac, Notorious BIG, Jay Z, Lil Wayne and you on the right. How bad you want it? Em, its room for you too baby. Get your last cry out and meet 'em on top of the mountain.