I Heart Gene Simmons

Is it just me or is Gene Simmons : Family Jewels hilarious? Gene Simmons is the consumate straight man. He got the show because he's Gene Simmons. He kept the show because his family is endearing, stand up comedians in their own right, and very interesting in different ways. Gene is the squarest rock star you ever want to meet. The only thing that is rock star about him is lust for sex, and he's been having sex with the same woman for the past 20 years. He doesn't drink. He doesn't do drugs. Nor has he ever. The only thing he is addicted to is work and making money. Shannon Tweed is always trying to pull one over on stodgy Gene. Shannon's sister Tracey is crazy in a fun way. His son is cute. His daughter is gorgeous and smart. They're just a normal family. They're no Osbournes. The kids won't grow up to have eating disorders and have multiple stints in rehabs. You want the Simmons to be your neighbors and your friends. There is no fear that Shannon will chuck a ham at you. Its just a good clean fun time.