James McAvoy is my Baby Daddy.

Yeah I said it. And some of you have heard me say it before and with the release of Wanted I reiterate this point. I'm not going to comment on whether or not I think Wanted is a good movie. I'm only going to comment on the fact that I want to have sex with and birth James McAvoy's bastard children (or non-bastard if he wants to get married, his choice). I'm digging this dude and have been since Last King of Scotland, though I must admit that I fell asleep on it the first time but that had more to do with me being sleepy and it being the third movie I watched in row. My sister watched the whole thing and she'll fall asleep on anything she watches past 9p.m. so it must have been good. Anyway, I loved him in Atonement and the Jane Austen, and The Children of Dune miniseries that I didn't know he was in but aired on Sci Fi and actually watched was addicted to and attracted to that dude that starred in it (what's his name? hmm....) and Narnia as a half goat, and in that 10 items or less of the things I hate about you left in the world -- or whatever the name of that movie is that no one saw that's kind of like that movie with what's his name from the Good Son that's got Run Lola Run in it and that Mandy Moore taste like candy girl. Man it must be national free word association day. But I bet there's some film nerd out there that knows exactly who and what I'm talking about. The point is James MacAvoy is hot and he makes me feel all warm and tingling in the pants. I'm going to give him a 3 egg rating. That's right, I'm willing to set aside 3 of my eggs for him to fertilize at a later date. It's just like stars but grosser. Mmmmm....haggis....and kilts ... and balls. Okay, okay, I'm going to sleep now.