NeYo is a Big Flaming Homo

Is it just me or are those rumors about NeYo possibly true. His video for closer could not be any gayer. First off its all about the dancing. Which is fine, but its all recycled Michael Jackson dance moves. Be innovative like Chris Brown, Usher or even Omarion. Second, NeYo's video Closer is not about the girl. You're talking about getting closer to a girl and she is not the focus of the video. You never see a close up of her. It's all ugly ass NeYo close ups grimacing at the camera. I guess he thinks that's sexy. It's not. Well, it might be to men. Check any rap/Hip Hop video, it's all about the girl. Maybe NeYo's not gay. Maybe he's just vain.

Nope, he's a homo. Even Kanye will give a ho a close up.


closer was a bad career move for ne-yo. i was diggin him at first, but closer turned me completely off...


I think its no secret that I am NOT digging NeYo. I like the songs he writes for other people. He's a fabulous producer, but as an artist, not buying it.