Big Mouth

Nobody likes a big mouth, well men like a big mouthed woman -- I never quite understood that until I realized that men see your mouth as a resting place for their penis. All I see is soup coolers and huge chompers -- the last place I would think a penis would want to go, but whatevs. But that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about gossips. Nobody likes a gossip whore. If we're traveling in the same circle and one of our friends is telling me MY OWN business before I've gotten the chance to tell the story ... we got a problem. If I'm in the middle of a business tiff with someone and a third party comes up to me "covertly" asking if everything is alright, we've got a problem. I know that it is you. I have asked you not to behave in this fashion and that I do not appreciate it. We shall see if this damn that is your mouth will hold, otherwise, I will have to adjust. That is all. Good day sir.