The Real Alamo?

On Friday, I'm going to San Antonio, TX to visit my friend Winkler for his 30th birthday on a party/trip I kind of forced on him, but he gladly accepted.  Because when I celebrate my friend's 30th birthdays its like celebrating my own.  So, who-hoo!!!  I'm also going to see my best friend from college Abasi!   Abasi is my dude.  My road dog.  He's that dude that you can say, lets go to Spain on Friday and Abasi is already pulling out his passport asking what time the plane leave.  We are going to share a room and there will absolutely be no hanky panky going on because we are too good and too grown and too damn old to fuck up our friendship, but what I envision will be splendid.  See, we used to spend damn near 24/7 together in college (living in the same dorm on the same floor).  So, I'm trying to rekindle the 19 year old flame.  I'm talking Snoopy pajamas and Purple Rain.  I'm talking jumping up and down on the bed and cranking the music up loud.  I'm talking booze and jokes and silliness.   I'm talking a SLUMBER PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!