East Boogie

Here's a little send up to where I'm from (East St Louis, Il). You gotta represent. This list was started by Qwonny (1-23) that added to by Brad Reed (24-31) then by me (32-44).

"This is for the true E.Saint Louisans." Qwonthafia Cofield

You're know you're from East St. Louis if ................................................................

1. You eat a "st. paul" sandwich from the "rice house"

1a. If you call a chinese restaurant the "rice house"

2. You used to got the skating rink [Skate King]

3. You have been to an East side game and they were fighting players from Cahokia

4.You've had some chicken wings from the rice house.

5. You used to go to Club 64 before the Mono and Casino

6. You have caught the metro link from the JJK or Washington Park station to go to the St. Claim mall

7. You have bought shoes or clothes from Hoods Lot

8. You remember when Bill Clinton came and talked in front of Walgreens

9. You have been at McDonals late night, and you were in line for about an hour

10. You visited E. Saitn recently and said about time it is starting to look like something

11. You have caught the #1 State Street bus of the #4 Alta Sita bus

12. You are tired of the Rio getting burned down

13. You used to go to Lincoln Park every Sunday

14. You used to hang out at Schnuck's parking lot on the weekend

15. You used to go to Fair St. Louis on the landing on the Fourth

16. You have been to Six Flags with Ms. Hopkins from Clark

17. You remember when Yvette Young was Lansdowne Middle School

18. Somebody you knew have been killed because of jealousy and project conflict

19. Somebody you know has been in a Nelly or Chingy video

20. You think people from Washington Park are too hood.

21. You have witnessed many St. Louis Jimmies get whooped in the club

22. You know that E. Saint Louis is in Illinois and St. Louis is in Missouri

23. You have to keep defending your town because of haters

24. You knew the East Side vs Lincoln games were the social events of the year.

25. You knew that the prison used to Assumption High School

26. Your main source of news was the Monitor

27. If you got the hookup on your license from Art May

28. If you've ever had Nero's pizza

29. You've had to explain to someone what a snoot (from Sandy's BBQ) was

30. You knew damn well not to be in Belleville or Granite City [or Cahokia] after dark

31. You were a regular in the Pink Slip

32. You know to slow down on St. Clair before you go under the train tracks cause the po-po be waiting there with your speeding ticket.

33. You have friends/family in prison (not county)

34. You've ever personally seen a dead body on the street that wasn't on TV

35. You know someone that was murdered.

36. You know people who are way smarter than you that just didn't quite make it out of the hood

37. If you go to the Illusion for the shrimp

38. If you know what Red Fox is

39. If you grew up on Pertle's Ice Cream (best ice cream eva!)

40. If you still think Dunbar is the best elementary school eva!

41. If you're still a little sad that Lincoln isn't a highschool anymore because you would never be a fricking Flyer as long as you fricking live.

42. If everytime you go home, someone else you grew up with is dead.

43. If you remember when the levies broke.

44. If you know that Crab Rangoon has the cream cheese and wontons have meat (what is the rest of the nation smoking on this one)

45. You think Young's on 23rd St has the best chinese food on the planet.

46. You know who Boss Man is

47. If (even half asleep) you can hear gunshots and tell how far away the person who is shooting is.

48. If you don't think selling drugs a big deal

49. You think everyone that went to Crossroads is kind of snooty

50. You think there is absolutely nothing wrong with being from East St Louis