I saw NERD Saturday and it was awesome!!!! Well, standing out in the cold and rain at UC Riverside for 3 hours with a bunch entitled (surprisingly overweight) and assimilated teenagers wasn't exactly my idea of fun, but as soon as Pharrell and Shae and some unidentified black man who definitely wasn't Chad step on stage, jumping up and down screaming Anti-Matter, it was all to the goody-good. This is my 3rd time seeing them and they just keep getting better and better. The first time I saw them in St. Louis at an Ampitheater, Pharrell stage dived without a shirt. Nice. The second time I saw them in Chicago at the Riveria, the Black Eyed Peas opened and rocked it, and they came on and rocked it even harder like BOOYAH! We got to meet them after the show (3 black girls in a sea of Asians) and he asked me if I wanted a hug. Is he for real for real? Pharrell for real? Hells' yeah if you're offering. And he gave me and my friend's hugs which he did not do for anyone else. This last time in Riverside (about an hour outside of L.A.) He was pulling chicks on stage, jumping around and singing on key like real performers are won't to do. A great time was had by all.