Chris Brown Snaps and Slaps a Bitch? That Ain't Right.

Can't a lady give her man an STD without receiving a beatdown. Well, I guess not. We'll never really know why Chris Brown decided to dot Rhianna's eye, but that ain't right. He's going to pay for it, too - through lost endorsements, revenue, respect ... jail time. Chris Brown is not a rapper or an actor (Wesley Snipes) or an athelete (Dennis Rodman / David Justice). Will is career survive this? And so what Rhi Rhi gave you the clap. You was probably cheating on her anyways. And just because you used condoms and apparently she didn't that one odd time she decided to get back at you doesn't mean you get to pull an Ike Turner. That ain't right. I'm betting you just made a whole lotta music heavy weights mad, not too mention some rude boys. You better hope her cousins don't find your ass. I don't see anyone speaking up to be on your side on this one cuz. That shit just ain't right.