Know Your Audience

Okay, I talked recently about knowing who you're telling a joke to will be a factor in determining if its funny.  Well, I should follow my own fucking advice.  Okay, for those of you that read my blog entry "Anonymity ... Fuck it! I can't spell!" already see where this is headed.  For those of you that haven't, go back a week.  Anyway, I only verbally told that story to one person (Qiana).  She immediately started laughing like I knew she would because "...and then he whipped his cock out"  is fucking hilarious. Now, I made the mistake of telling this same story to a new friend of mine who did not think this story was hilarious and threatened to stop hanging out with me socially because "weird shit" would happen around me.  Now you have to mind two things.  

1.  This crazy penis story happened at a joint SHE (AKA new friend) took me to, though she was not there during this incident.  

2. She laughed hysterically when I told her the T.I. big bush story.  Like laughing hard!  She had me laughing so hard I nearly asphyxiated.  Matter of fact, I called her today and she answered the phone laughing hysterically because I sent her a link to the blog and she caught the visual and my caption and her first sentence to me was "When I think of you, all I think of is balls."  And we cracked up again.  So, it only stands to reason that someone who thinks T.I. giving away sweaty ball t-shirts complete with serial numbered pubic hairs would find a story where the punch line is "and then he pulled his cock out" a tad bit funny.  But alas, she did not.  Now, she made fun of me and we laughed heartily, but I saw it in her eyes that she was afeared.  It's one thing to see a picture of T.I.'s monster bush.  It's another thing all together to be front row center and smell the musk of sex and genitals.  Well, I guess you either live life on the sidelines or on the stage.  We all know where I like to be.