Bullies Beware

There is this bitchy chick at work that was about to get got. Being a bitch is cool, cause I can be a bitch sometimes, but she turned her bitchiness on me. Now, yall know I ain't having that especially if I didn't warrant such action. Now, if I did something to piss you off (which I am wont to do. BTW, why did this lady stop me in Borders at like 8 p.m. talking about don't you drive a so-n-so, you cut me off this morning. Lol, damn, I gotta rep like that?! That shit was like 12 hours earlier!), that's fine, I can take it. But when you're mad at other people and you want to take it out on me, that's where I draw the line. And this chick was like, don't fight me, I'll fight you back. Now, I know those of you who know me are like - uh-oh. I held it in. The laughter in her face I mean, well, I held it in the best I could. Who does this chick think I am? Have yall ever seen me back down from confrontation? Ever? I don't invite it, but I don't shirk away from it. But I work here, and I would like to continue to do so. So, I kept the negro-itis in check. And didn't break her off a piece of that funky stuff. When did I start rapping "Ain't Nothing But a G-Thang." You know when Snoop was still relevant. Point is, I beat bullies down, been doing it since first grade. She don't want none of this. Trust.