Prom Queen - Lil Wayne the Rockstar! Other rappers ... scrambling to catch up!

Weezy done done it again. Have you heard his new song Prom Queen (leaked a week early from his new all rock album The Rebirth due April 7). The negro done gone rock on a bitch and he ain't playing around. He is trying to be versitile as hell and is succeeding at it. Way to branch out Mr. Carter. If only Kanye would stop whining about his heartless fiance and put out another good album. I think Mr. West turned into Keith Sweat. Eminem's new song Pop a Bottle is kinda garbage; it's just not new or fresh or inventive. But his first singles usually suck anyway. They pan to the least common denominator. Let's hope the album has some killer b-sides like they usually do. And why folks always talk about how the game done changed and how since their absence rap has gone to hell. No it hasn't. Who are you? The messiah of rap? Is this the second coming? Please, spare me. And 50 Cent is seriously obsolete. Yeah, I said it. Evolve or perish, Mr. Jackson. And by evolve I don't mean go play gangsters and drug dealers and rappers in movies. That's not an evolution. Evolve musically, you shithead. Singing about how you "get it in" just isn't cutting it! What could be more gross? You talking about stinking your penis into yet another skank invested puss or .... no, you win. You astound me with your musical geniusry. Get a knew schtick because your "thinly" vailed sex references are old hat, disgusting and not very clever. Speaking of genius, whatsup with Common's new joint Universal Mindcontrol. Why am I dancing in the car on the way to work? Who's mind am I universally controling, Common? This might be the theme song to my manifesto. Dance, bitch, dance! Now, who's your master? Crystal! Yeah, that's right! Damn, this song is a Pharrell song (no fucking wonder I love it) and the Hype Williams video is redic. Check on the link below. Seriously, I'm listening to that Prom Queen song right now. It's rediculously sick! Go cop that off iTunes.

Prom Queen link (might stop working due to copyright)

I get it in by 50 stupid Cent

Universal Mindcontrolling by Common

Crack a bottle by Eminem