T.I.'s Free Sweaty Ball Hand Towel Giveaway!

Lol. WTF? First off, why is he dipping handtowels into his crotch and then giving them away. He has some big balls (well, I cannot confirm nor deny this) to consistently do this and think this is okay. I'm sorry, this is funny. I mean who thinks this shit up. And everyone is talking about his big bush. Why is it all the way up to his navel? And on some side leg, too? Yeesh. I know I said I was against a man going all bald, but I'm not advocating a jungle. Poor Tiny having to wade through the weeds on her quest of perpetual pregnancy. Man, you have to have a huge cock to rock a bush that wild. Otherwise, it must look like a turtle in the grass. I love me some T.I., but this is ridiculous. I can't stop laughing. Maybe he's trying to grow it out for prison. I'm sure the reverse looks the same.