Flo Rida's Music is an Abomination!!!!

Flo Rida has apparently created a new genre of rap/pop (i used to think that pop/rock was a genre because in the record store they lumped pop and rock together. they should have just called it the white people section). I'm going to crown Flo Rida the king of this blasphemous cancerous freak of nature. How do you get rap / pop, you ask? Well, you take a hard core looking black dude from the hood with actual MC skills and you slather a sugary sweet cross over hook sung exclusively by white white women (and/or white sounding black chicks), steal hooks from the 80s and voila, you have radio garbage. Enjoy having your ears bleed.


Yess!!! Haha you are #1 on Google for the phrase "flo rida" abomination.

People eat his music up though, as if there's nothing better to listen to.