Radio Bastards!

There is no such thing as payola and if you believe that i have some fabulous swamp land you should purchase and build your house upon. Aparently at 2 o'clock everyday, KIIS FM or Power 106, I can't remember which because these days they sound exactly the same, plays new music ... everyday. So, all that good shit, that fabulous shit, that shit they should be playing, that shit you should be bumping, that new shit, that different shit, that underexposed shit, that underrated shit, that shit you ain't never heard before, that shit you ain't gon hear the rest of the day, all that shit is playing everyday at 2, while you're at work ... working ... or pretending to. The rest of the day they play the same 12 hot garbage ass songs to death. I am convinced this is one of the signs for the end of the world.