What the Fuck Happened to Outkast?

What the fuck happened to Outkast? Dem down south mofos? Those anthem creators, those car bangers. Where them songs at? I'm listening to The Whole World right now and it just ain't the same as "me & you, yo mama and yo cousin too" or "don't you think I'm so sexy, I'm dressed so fresh so clean" or " if you like fish and grits and all that pimp shit everybody let me hear you say oh yeayer!" They just went and got too weird and too P Funk or something. I guess Andre 3000 thought he was Ceelo. But what folks don't realize is Ceelo was ALWAYS that weird. Andre 3000 grew into being weird. It just isn't the same. I want my old Outkast back. Man am I kicking myself for not having gone to an Outkast concert before 2000. I ain't saying that folks can't grow, but grow into something good, grow into something better than you were, grow into something I actually want to listen to.