Dustin Diamond is a Douchebag

Dustin Diamond holds so much emotional scarring from his days on Saved by the Bell, it is ridiculous. This man is so insecure and paranoid that he lashes out at anyone that gives him guff. The thing is you're Dustin freaking Diamond. Screech. Who isn't going to give you shit, dude? I'm sure growing up with the beautiful people : Mario Lopez, Lark Voorhees, Mark Paul Gosselaar, Elizabeth Berkley and Tiffani Amber Thiessen, did not help your self esteem. I'm sure they were running around partying and fucking each other and leaving you off to the side to witness and not partake. I'm also sure every last one of them probably got paid more than you. Sure, that sucks, too. But life's not fair. Suck it up.

This is no reason to turn into the biggest asshole since Kanye West. Well, maybe it would make even Job cry, but what you need is some therapy. Some hard core 3 days a week therapy, and maybe a life coach. You are not cute enough to be an asshole and people still like you. And you expect your showmates to be on your side? Seriously? You're lazy and you use every opportunity to screw them over. I'm surprised they're even speaking to you.

And picking on poor Harvey. Sure, he's an asshole, too. But only to people who aren't trying and are acting like big babies. He's a marine drill sergeant. He's supposed to be an asshole. It's a part of his charm. But this is no cause to call him an anti-Semite. That isn't true. And calling your manager girlfriend just makes you look like a coward.

Don't even get me started on the dirty sanchez. Not only is the act in and of itself disgusting, but the giver of the sanchez is unworthy of that level of freakery. I can't even imagine how poo is sexy.

Dustin grow up and get it together.


i agree!