Tyra Banks is an Idiot Genius

Tyra Banks has got to be the worst interviewer on the face of the planet. That is a given. She has one addictive show (America's Next Top Model) and one lowest common denominator show (The Tyra Banks Show). While Top Model may have lost a bit of its luster (last seasons winner is quite plain and boring), its infinitely more sophisticated than her talk show. Which begs the question, is Tyra's talk show serving her ultimate purpose, not to talk about the issues, but to give Tyra a format to talk about the thing that interests her the most, HERSELF. Tyra everything isn't about you. Hire some intelligent writers, formulate some real hard hitting questions and quit embarrassing yourself. Actually be interested in your guest and quit telling us about your life. We don't care.


Leave Tyra alone. You know she's my girl. She just trying to make that paper "by any means necessary."