Mommy, Qiana is trying to Convert me, again

C: you know the difference between my profile and yours? my religious views statement doesn't leave me open to be converted by bible thumpers.

Q: lol...never thought about that...i dont even remember what i wrote..

C: you know i don't even like to be converted into proper bowling or the benefits of flu shots, you can only imagine how i feel about someone pushing their religion on me, and by the way, stop sending me those praise the lord, everyday is a blessing chain letters before i sic Jesus on you.

Q: go on 'head! sic Him on me! i loves the Lord. and if loving the Lord is wrong, i don't want to be right!

seriously though, you look at 'em as chain mail, but i believe in prayer. i'm not super religious or bible thumpin' by far (trust, i still have my heathen card in my wallet), but i believe that blessings come when folks take the time to pray. and i don't send those out to everyone. everyday is a blessing, cuz i managed to wake up when other folks around me didn't. maybe i'm more sensitive cuz i'm seeing sickness and death at the any rate, its important for me to let those i love know i'm thinking about them...even when they're in california sinning with the best of them ;o)

C: stop sending me chain mail. i don't consider chain mail to be prayer. i consider it to be harrassment. respect my religious freedom. i don't need your chain mail blessings woman. i'm thinking of you, too, WITHOUT junking up your inbox with crap. i'm siccing Jesus on you and not the hot Jesus on the cross, but the vengeful you woke me up from nap Jesus, that I know and love.

be afraid, he's gon getcha.


ur a nut! why'd you call me out?!