Fresh Snatch

Seriously people, are we now under the skirts of Emily Watson of Harry Potter fame. She just turned 18 thirty seconds ago and now we're plastered her newly legal snatch across the Internet. Paparazzi do you have no shame? Don't answer that. She has on panties, sheer panties, but panties just the same. I'm starting to think that Paparazzi is a synonym for pedophile or sexual predator. Where are the bathroom shots of male celebrities rocking out with their cocks out. Where's Justin Timberlake's penis? Where's Ashton Kutcher's dong? Penn Badgley's scrotum? Where's Chris Brown's schlong? Huh? Where are the equal opportunity pervert paparazzo? I'm sure people would pay good money to see Tyson Beckford's dick. Or Tom Cruise. Or Will Smith. No one is swinging the camera low shooting up their shorts. Fucking hypocrites.