Ray J is a Scumbag

Hopefully, by now, women have learned to stop making sex tapes. Why? People fall out of love, become spiteful bitches and leak the tape leaving the woman to look like a whore and the man to look like a stud -- no matter how pot bellied (Irv Gotti) and unimpressive (Ray J) his penis is. Then Ray J the dumbass goes on Tyra (don't even get me started) and isn't modest or regretful. He reveals to the world just how big of an asshole he is, and just how negatively living in the shadow of his much more talented sister, Brandy, has left him an attention seeking whore. Sexy can I? No, you may not.

Hate her or love her these are the facts on Kim Kardashian. She puts J-Lo's booty to shame. She put Armenian women on all black men's radar. And she severely upgraded from Ray J the lame to the sweet faced, wealthier, classier, bigger penised (I'm just guessing) New Orleans' Saint Reggie Bush. Two thumbs up, honey.

What I want to know is how are these tapes legally able to be mass produced without being sued successfully. The law should read that you have to have clearance from BOTH parties to release that tape. That's just common freaking sense. But no, this loop hole leaves women to be exploited in new and excited ways. I'm sorry, but I don't need to know what my favorite celebrities vagina looks like. That is too much information.

Ladies, leave a little something to the imagination.