Signs that you might be dating a Gigolo

1. He's way better at sex than you, and I don't mean marginally. I mean infinitely better than anyone you've ever heard of even through your girlfriends.

2. He uses positions you've never heard of. His standard missionary is called upside down reverse horseman. You don't know what that is do you?

3. He calls out plays during sex like a football coach. 69, 39, 89, doggie, froggie, tip drill, Paul Bunyun. Those are all real things.

4. You never kiss him because his mouth always tastes like pussy (or penis, depending...), and I don't mean yours.

5. He's gorgeous, but he's still interested in your undersmile or do dads.

6. If he doesn't have sex regularly, he will die.

7. He schedules you like a doctor's appointment.

8. His witty repartee is less than stellar.

9. He has a big penis and knows how to use it.

10. He hold lessons on how to do it every third Saturday of every month at $300/hr.

11. He obsessively grooms his pubic hair.

12. He charges you money for sex.

Avoid the pitfalls of dating a gigolo and/or enjoy the ride. Your choice.

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