Homos faking Hetero

There has never been a better time on earth to be gay. Well, maybe back in early Greece or Rome. But it ain't too shabby now either. With gay representation on mainstream television like Will & Grace, The Real World, The L Word and anything on Bravo, you can't throw a stone at the remote without hitting some hot homo fashionista. Even the straight shows have the minority gay character to accompany their lonely black friend.

Now, what I don't understand is why some folks born after 1975 are still in the closet. Do you seriously think we don't know. You faking dates with women and making up fictitious "girlfriends" that live in Canada ain't foolin nobody. Come on out the closet, you're a corn holer or a rug muncher. It's okay, nobody cares. Let your freak flag fly. Stop lying to me about how you banged Susie last night. You are flaming. Flame on.