Why do creepy guys always think they're charming? Why can their smile just make your skin crawl. The way their mouth is formed makes you want to vomit. It's not necessarily their appearance, but its how you feel about them in contrast to how they feel about you. Its the discrepancy. It's the unwanted attention of a sexual harasser. It the inappropriateness of the language and the content of their conversation. Its the imagined closeness that is all in their mind. Its the nicknames of honey and sweetheart and hotstuff. Its the shudder you feel when they touch you. Its all in their leer, the hovering over your desk, the standing just out of your line of vision. Its the adoration and the concentration and the worship and the fantasy. Its the eye undressing, the skin suit measurements, lotioning up at the bottom of a well.

I refuse to be stalked. Move the hell on before I have to shoot you. Seriously, don't make me have to stab a mother--.