Wesley Snipes gets 3 years in Prison. Who the Hell Cares?

Wesley Snipes is going to prison for 3 years for tax evasion. Who the hell cares? While his celebrity friends wrote letters to the government trying to Free Willy, something was conspicuously missing from all of these letters. Wesley Snipes is a nice person. Not even his friends can say that with a straight face. Wesley Snipes is an asshole that black people have given up on long ago. He's a wife beater (see Halle Berry's deaf ear), he's difficult to work with (see his non vast selection of films to choose from though still as talented as he was in New Jack City, Mo Better Blues or White Men Can't Jump, etc) and he abandoned the sistas for an Asian Woman (also see Dave Chappelle).

You can not NOT pay your taxes. Even though paying taxes is not constitutional, there are not laws that say you MUST pay taxes and the Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank above the laws of this great land run by a bunch of shiesters. But I digress. Wesley Snipes is a jackass who tried to claim illegal alien status to get out of paying taxes. Is he for real? Did he really try to pull a Mexican. Pull a Shanghai? What a jackass. He'll get out just in time to make more B martial arts films. He considers Korea to be his second home. Is he for real? I lived in Korea. Wesley, they don't like darkies. Not even famous ones. (That might be a tad bit racist, but it's true.)