Ugly Babies

Why does everyone think their child, grandchild, niece and/or nephew is cute? I'm here to tell you they are not. This is like high school. Some of you are cute and some of you aren't, but here's the other thing about babies. Some of them will grow up to be cute adults like Rudy Huxtable and Punky Brewster and some of them will not like Macaulay Culkin. So, while you kid may be cute now, there is no guarantee that they'll stay that way. And just because your kid looks like a Gila monster doesn't mean they won't outgrow it and become beautiful. So, if you want to lament on how cute your child is, hold that thought. Call me when they're 18 or 21 or 30, THEN we'll see what's what.


this kid almost looks like a lil girl i saw at the hospital last quarter...she was almost as hairy, but still kinda cute in her own way ;o)